16) Quarterly Billing (Matches reduction of expenses).  We do not bill achieved savings up front.  Instead we bill savings over time.  Since you have already budgeted for the higher level of spending, our fees are paid out the amount of savings.


17) Quarterly Billing (Things change). We bill over quarters because “things change”.  For example, you may close a site, 6 months after completing their audit.  We will stop the quarterly billing for this site, since the site is now closed.  Bottom line - we will bend over backwards to be fair.


18) Quarterly Billing (Assurance of support).  The #1 reason for billing over time (quarters), is to retain leverage.  You are assured of attention if you are still paying a vendor. 


19) No upfront fees or retainers.  You do not put up any money for our audits.  Our fees start only after you are completely satisfied and see proof of our work (real savings and/or credits). 


20) No Implementation fees.  We do not charge for our time in implementing your audit recommendations. 


21) No Travel fees.  We do not charge for our travel expenses to your HQ or your sites.


22) No Miscellaneous fees.  There are no hidden or miscellaneous fees.  Our only are solely based on audit results.


23) Our only service.  Rather than be a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, we only do audits.  Our business model is to be the best in one area, rather than be adequate in many areas.  While we do not provide other services, such as PBX evaluation, contract negotiations, TEM analysis, we can recommend other consultants. 


24) Industry Experts.  We provide training and expertise to other auditors in industry conferences.  Also, through CCMI, we provide a monthly Telecom Tip newsletter for Auditing professionals.


25) Letter of Agency.  Our Letter of Agency (LOA) is designed from our client’s perspective.  There are 3 features built in features in our LOA that explicitly protects our clients.


26) Our Contract – A Relationship built on Trust.  Our contract is the equivalent of a handshake and does not obligate you in any manner.  By design, we (vendor) have “no protection” in our contract.  There is nothing that obligates you for payment, even after the audit is completed and presented. 


27) Line of Business Expertise.  We have worked with a wide variety of industries, including Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, High Tech, and Government.  We can use our extensive experience to identify opportunities and issues that may affect your organization (i.e. IRS rulings on Personal Cell Phone Usage). 


28) Professional Services.  We understand that we provide a Professional Service, similar to an attorney, accountant, or physician.  When you look for an attorney, you look for “best” as well as someone who will take a personal interest in your unique situation.  Our objective is to establish an honest and excellent working relationship with our clients.  


29) No Vendor Bashing.  We do not “bash” your vendors (or at least we try not to).  We realize that it is in your best interest to have an excellent working relationship with your vendor(s).  An audit may uncover issues and information that can help facilitate communications and solutions between you and your vendors.


30)  Client Feedback - Unique Services.  About 30-40% of our clients have had experiences with other auditors.  In every case, we have been told that our services are entirely different than others.

Why Yonemoto & Associates

1) Easy to Understand Reports.  Perhaps our most complimented feature, our Audit reports are easy to understand and use.  Your audit document is designed to be understood by non telecom personnel.


2) No Risks.  Since our fees are based solely on a contingency of actual results (credits and savings achieved), there is no financial risks.  If there are no credits or savings, there are no fees.


3) No Hassles.  You retain complete control of what is or is not a savings and what, if any recommendations, you choose to implement. 


4) Project Management Support.  After we present our results, we assign a project manager to help keep your audit(s) on track.  The project manager will set up and coordinate activities with your site(s), vendor(s) and us to ensure that you achieve the maximum amount of cost savings and credits.


5) Implementation Support.  We will effect recommendations you approve (with letter of agency).


6) Minimize Client work. We will work with your internal groups (field, AP, etc.) to obtain bills and letters of agencies.  If the bills are processed and located at your field sites, we will work with them to obtain all necessary information (Bills, Letter of Agency).


7) Executive Reporting.  For multiple sites clients, we will provide quarterly reports, designed for non technical executives.  The Executive Report will summarize progress (in savings & credits and sites processed).


8) More comprehensive.   In our analysis, we look at 43 areas of cost savings and credits.  If you are going through an audit, you should look at “everything”.  We clearly identify our expertise in our statement of work.


9) Higher amount of savings.   A common misperception is that all auditors are alike.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  The work product (actual savings/credits achieved) varies greatly based on the skills and expertise of the auditor.  We have consistently found savings for our clients that others missed.


10) National experience.  We have extensive experience in working with clients with numerous sites around the country.  We have worked with all sorts of vendors, from the major telephone companies to rural telephone companies that support only a handful of customers.


11) Independent AnalysisWe are not agents for any vendors.  To remain completely objective, and to avoid the appearance of conflicting priorities, we do not receive any commissions or compensation from anyone. 


12) Customer Perspective. While other auditors may have a vendor background, we come from a customer perspective.  We understand and explain the pro’s and con’s of our recommendations on your business.


13) Corporate HQ Perspective (Policies & Procedures).  We understand that the information gathered from your field sites can help you develop company policies and procedures.  In a multi-site audit, we will complete a comparative analysis amongst your sites.


14) Corporate HQ Perspective (Internal Project Management).  We understand that in the future, you will be rolling out projects that will affect your field sites.  Our graphic reports can facilitate communications with your sites.


15) On Site Field Presentations.  For large field sites, we will present the audit results, in person, to the key site personnel (IT, CFO, Accounting Manager, etc.).  We will work with your local personnel and their vendors to effect credit and cost savings recommendations. Establishing a relationship with your field site, can dramatically increase the average amount of savings (2-5 times).

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