"The phone bill audit provided to Fila USA, Inc from Yonemoto and Associates was comprehensive, informative and professional.  It identified circuits that should have been disconnected, corrected some billing issues and provided suggestions which saved the company thousands of dollars.  I wish that all vendors provided this type of documentation."

    Dorothy Zimmerman, Fila USA



 "We were pleasantly surprised with the results of our Phone Bill Audit. Not only did Yonemoto & Associates identify incorrect billing, but they found a considerable amount of money in ongoing yearly savings. We have found their services, coupled with their presentation style, to be very accurate and well thought out. Their overall approach to auditing and follow through is exemplary and extremely customer focused."

    Neil Hennesey, Peoplesoft



 "I can vouch for the risk free nature of the Phone Bill Audit.  A few months after completing our Phone Bill Audit, we moved to a new location, making the audit recommendations moot.  Since there was value gained from the audit (e.g. circuits identified) I offered to compensate Yonemoto & Associates for the work and expenses incurred.  They declined any compensation, stating that since we didn't save money, there was no fee for their service.  It was refreshing to work with an organization that maintains such high standards."

    Marc Moser, Thipa



 "Audit reports are complete and thorough. Reports are presented in an extremely easy format to understand. Company is easy to work with and very flexible on issues and timetables. Staff is knowledgeable on tariff issues and trends across the country."

    Tom Pool, Dominion Resources


"I came into the Phone Bill Audit mid-stream with a limited knowledge of the telecommunications industry. In addition to helping us implement cost savings items, your organization has taken the time to educate me on the important issues that Randtron needs to understand regarding our services and contracts. You quickly found a mistake in a carrier contract that would have exposed us to additional costs we shouldn't have incurred. Not only have you saved us money, you have also become our trusted telecom expert, whom we turn to whenever we have a question or need advice. Thanks again for all of your help."

    Liz Johnson, L3 Randtron



 " A true business partner - flexible, fair and serious about maintaining a long-term relationship. We maintained complete discretion on savings recommendations without any 'sales' pressure.  Excellent knowledge of the telecommunications industry that adds up to savings for us."

    Gail Hardy, Siemens



 "Yonemoto & Associates dramatically reduced our telecommunications expense.
The audit had no risk and captured for the first time in a graphical presentation what our telecommunications infrastructure looked like, what action was needed to reduce costs and what the savings would be.  Their traffic analysis was comprehensive so that they had a thorough understanding of what configuration was needed to support the current environment including growth.  It allowed my customer for the first time to begin to get control of their telecommunications environment. They performed a very valuable service and I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is interested in reducing their telecommunications costs."

    Sandra Starratt, IBM

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